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Learning About Environmental Benefits Of Biomass

Over the past few years, people throughout the world have become very much aware of the terms 'global warming' and 'greenhouse gases'. This has to do with what is going into the atmosphere and how it affects our way of life. When fossil fuels are burned they send carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is believed that these emissions stay there for tens of thousands of years and are creating a barrier, which separates the earth from the sun. Reducing this threat to the atmosphere is one of the Environmental Benefits of Biomass.

A United Nations report was made concerning cattle and other farm animal as being harmful to the atmosphere. It was stated that their manure causes 18 percent of greenhouse warming problems. This is because no practical use is being made of this product. By using the biomass method of converting this manure into useful energy it eliminates the majority of these problems.

Another area of concern was flatulence of cattle and burning fuel to clear the land. It was claimed that they produced emissions, which caused a majority of problems, including acid rain. There was no mention in this report that this burning was done by using fossil fuels. Some states have even considered making farmers install machines that measure the emissions of their cattle.

The affect of fossil fuels emissions on human health has been the subject of several studies. In some states, with large cities, there is a great deal of smog produced when emissions from various vehicles is kept at ground level because of atmospheric conditions. This is a well-known form of air pollution.

Smog has many damaging effects on the human body. It has been found to cause asthma attacks, emphysema and other lung diseases. It can also cause irreversible lung problems and even death. A number of government agencies are now engaged in trying to find a solution to this problem.

It has been proven that smog, besides causing health problems, can affect crops. When there is heavy smog it seeps through the plant leaves and affects the plant structure. This causes smaller production and weaker produce as there is just too much damage for the plant to continue its growth in a regular manner.

Until the use of biomass is deemed a national or worldwide priority and serious steps taken to change from fossil fuels to this natural product threats to the environment will continue. Many people will not accept the fact that there could be a huge difference by simply changing the source of energy that is so vital to their existence.

Until the Environmental Benefits of Biomass are recognized the atmosphere's pollution and the effects on the health of all the world's population will continue. However, it must be remembered that the planet, as we know it is a very large place. There are many different people who occupy it and all have their own ideas as to what their immediate concern is. People in remote areas of the world are not aware of climatic change and other such things and are mainly just going from day to day. It is only with the elimination of mining fossil fuels that the aim of scientists and others will be realized.