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Energy Crops, Is It Time?

Energy is a very much sought after utility, since we use it in our daily lives. When we drive our cars to go to work, when we use our computers and gadgets, and when we heat our homes. This is why it is very important for us to create energy and electricity. The most common energy source that we use nowadays is fossil fuels. The problem with using fossil fuels is that they are not renewable, and they eventually run out. One solution to this problem is energy crops.

Energy crops are plants which are grown so that they can be turned into biomass and create energy. Crops grown for energy can come from any kind of plant, as long as it is a plant. Even if it is a marine plant, if it is planted to create energy then it is considered to be an energy crop.

The main products that are made from energy crops are bioethanol, biodiesel, and biomass pellets which can be used to burn and create heat. All of these can be used to create energy and electricity.

Bioethanol is created by fermenting biomass in carbohydrates like corn to create ethanol alcohol. This can be used for fuel in cars. It is a lot cleaner than diesel and is a lot cheaper as well. Biodiesel is created from animal fats and vegetable oils and can be used to fuel vehicles. Biomass pellets can be used to burn and can be used in fireplaces to heat homes.

There are different types of energy crops, depending on the species of the crop. Plants with lots of sugar like beetroot and corn are natural sugars energy crops. These can easily be turned into ethanol alcohol and used for fuel. These kinds of crops are usually grown in Brazil and then fermented and distilled to create ethanol alcohol to mix with fuel.

Bio-oils are another type of energy crops. These are made up of plants which have high amounts of oil in the seeds and fruits. Examples of bio-oils include oil palm and sunflowers, these are used and the oils are extracted from these crops. The oil can be used to burn to create heat and energy directly without being processed. Though, if these are added to other materials, they can be turned into biodiesel which can be used for fuel in cars.

Coppice is also another type of plant which can be used for biomass. It is a type of tree, and the good thing about them is that even after being harvested, it can grow again from its roots.

The waste that comes from agricultural processes can also be used to create biomass fuels. These can be used to create biomass pellets, so that the agricultural waste is recycled and utilized.

If we can make use of crops and grow them all around the world, then we can easily stop using fossil fuels and lessen the amount of pollution in the earth. These crops can also be used for habitat for wild animals and they will create a better environment.