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The Difference Between Biomass And Biofuel

Since biomass and biofuel both come from the same source, the natural organic products of the planet. The Difference between Biomass and Biofuel is simply that biomass is used to produce biofuel. Since the world has come to realize the benefits of this remarkable natural source many energy products have been developed.

Biofuels come in many forms, there are biogases, liquid fuels and solid biomass. They all produce some sort of energy that is needed to operate the various machineries of today's society. They are especially prominent in Europe where they have been welcomed as a viable source of clean and efficient fuel.

There have been many experiments conducted over the years concerning adapting biomass to use in the everyday life of a population. The fact that oil has risen in price and must be transported long distances has been a factor that has encouraged further development in the use of this organic matter.

In addition, there has been increasing concern regarding depending on foreign nations for a product which is needed for a smooth operation of a country. The desire of scientists, as well as the population as a whole, is to have an energy source that is readily available and easy to use.

The original use of biomass was for the production of bioethenal and biodiesel. The products used for production were mostly grains and seeds. Current fuels produced by method of fermentation are alcohols such as ethanol, propanol, and butanol. The most common biofuel is ethanol which is produced by fermentation and is mixed with gasoline for car engines as well as for other operations which need this type of gas.

Green diesel is a very interesting product derived from biomass. It is made from renewable feedstock and is combined with regular diesel fuel. It is produced from oils which, in turn, are derived from plants, hence back to the biomass. In Europe, this is the preferred fuel for vehicles that use diesel fuel and is much less expensive. While it can be mixed with regular diesel, it is recommended that it only be 15% of the mixture.

Lower quality vegetable oil is becoming popular in some quarters as a source of fuel. Some enterprising people collect used oil at restaurants, filter it and use it as fuel in their cars. Some large manufacturers, looking into the future, are now making engines that will use this energy source for their operation without having to make any changes or additions.

Anaerobic Digesters and mechanical biological treatment systems are the methods currently used for producing biogas. Energy crops, manure, municipal wastes and many other products are commonly used in this process. The basis of this procedure is biomass so the only Difference between Biomass and Biofuel is that one is the basis for the operation and the other is the end result. As methods are developed to lower the expense of these operations as well as to develop inexpensive sources of the needed products it is expected this will, one day, be the main source of all energy throughout the entire planet.