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The Benefits Of Biomass To Liquid Fuel

Everyone is now aware of the dangers of global warming and how it affects our planet, but the question on most people's mind is what can we do about it? Well, one of the most polluting parts of our earth is energy production through fossil fuels. But we can't just stop producing energy, since we need it for our technology and to power our homes. The good thing is that we have found a way to have renewable energy that does not pollute the environment in the form of biomass to liquid fuel.

Biomass is basically the agricultural and industrial waste that we normally throw away which we can use to create energy. Usually these come in the form of plants and animal waste. It is renewable since we can always grow more crops and there will always be waste from production to use as biomass fuel.

Biomass fuel can be used to heat up buildings in the winter and fireplaces as well. Also, you can use biomass to boil water and produce steam to turn turbines and produce electricity to homes. Another thing you can do is to turn it into liquid fuel.

The two liquid fuels that biomass can be turned into are ethanol and biodiesel. Ethane is created by fermenting biomass in carbohydrates like corn for a long time. It can be used as an addition to your gas to help stop your car from emitting harmful gases.

Biodiesel can be made from vegetable oils and used animal fat to create gas that can be used to power cars and other vehicles. It is a great substitute to fossil fuels since it does not produce any harmful gases and it is renewable.

There are different types of biomass, depending on different factors. One type is energy crops which are usually the best way to make biomass. These are crops which can be grown very easily and in large quantities. Weeds and plants which are easily grown in a certain region would be best for energy crops for use in biomass.

The different kinds of waste used in biomass. For example, when lumber is used to create furniture, the excess wood can be used to create biomass. Also, garbage that is thrown away by cities can be used for biomass. Crop residue from harvests can be used to create biomass instead of being left to decompose. Biomass is all around us, and all we need to do is make the most of it.

Converting the biomass around us into biomass fuel will definitely help make the world a better place by replacing the need for fossil fuels. This way, we can keep our world healthy without having to give up our energy needs. Though, this is no excuse for not saving energy. Waste not, want not.

So by using biomass to liquid fuels and other forms of biomass fuel, we can help the earth in our own little ways. Soon, if we can find renewable energy to completely eradicate the need for fossil fuels then we will be one step closer to a clean earth.