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The Connection Between Biomass And The Carbon Cycle

Biomass is a great new renewable fuel which can help us solve our earth's greenhouse gas problem. It makes use of agricultural waste and other biodegradable waste to create fuel sources and energy. This is great since it is also cheaper than fossil fuels and it doesn't pollute the environment. To learn more about biomass, you should understand biomass and the carbon cycle.

The biomass cycle is connected to the carbon cycle, a cycle which has been known to make our environment degrade. But the good thing is biomass helps make the carbon cycle less destructive and actually helps it serve its natural purpose.

Carbon is a natural element in the environment and does serve its purpose on earth. Carbon dioxide feeds plants and they turn it into oxygen for us to breathe. But if we use carbon emitting fuels like fossil fuels, then there will be too much carbon in the atmosphere and it will start to create adverse effects like warmer temperatures and global warming.

Biomass is made from biodegradable materials and makes use of carbon from the carbon cycle. Carbon in the soil is used to grow plants, which can be used as biomass fuel. With the sunlight and the soil, plants grow and use carbon as their primary food source and they exhale oxygen which other creatures use for respiration.

Once these plants have grown and are eaten, then the carbon in them is used to create energy for the consumer and the rest of the plant which is not used becomes waste. The waste and the gas emitted from the consumption of the plants goes into the atmosphere as carbon.

Through this cycle, the carbon in the air and in the soil is used by the plants which can be turned into biomass and biomass fuel. The carbon is used to create energy and turns back into carbon to be reused. By creating more biomass, we can make use of all the carbon that is in the air and turn it into an energy source.

By using biomass energy, we are reducing the amount of air pollution on the earth. Also, since they are plants, they can help reduce erosion and make soil quality better. Instead of adding to the extra carbon in the carbon cycle like fossil fuels, biomass fuels help recycle it and make it serve its natural purpose.

The crops used to create biomass are also referred to as energy crops. These crops do not need fertilizers or pesticides, and this way we don't have to worry about it polluting the water supplies. Also, if we plant energy crops near water where chemical runoff is found, we can stop future runoff from going into the water.

Biomass plants can also create a better environment for wildlife to live in. For small animals and birds to live in the energy crops can help them survive, and since the streams will be cleaner because of the crops the fish will also have a better life.

Clearly, by making use of biomass and the carbon cycle, we can easily help get the world back to its natural cleanliness and keep pollution away while still creating energy for us to use.