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All About Biomass And Geothermal Energy

Nowadays, one of the most pressing issues in our society is the earth and how we take care of it. Everyone knows that the earth is being contaminated by our misuse of our resources, and that if we don't change our ways soon that we could be in big trouble for the future. That is why it is very important for us to search for new ways to create energy, rather than using fossil fuels. Biomass and geothermal energy are two of the best kinds of renewable energy.

Biomass is the organic substance which comes from plants and animals. It has energy because of the energy that plants get from the sun through photosynthesis. When humans and animals eat these plants, the energy gets transferred to them. Biomass can refer to the plants themselves, agricultural waste, or animal waste.

Biomass is considered to be a renewable energy source since we can always grown new plants, and the waste from industrial and agricultural processes will always be around for us to use as biomass. Common kinds of biomass include wood, crops, manure, and garbage.

The simplest form of biomass energy has been around as long as we have known about fire. Burning wood for heat is a form of energy, and we still use it until now. We still use fire for to heat our homes, and fire is used to heat up water to create steam which turns turbines to create electricity.

Biomass can also be used for liquid fuel. There is bioethanol, which is ethanol made from biomass. The biomass is fermented in carbohydrates to create ethanol alcohol. This bioethanol can be used as gas for cars. It is a lot cleaner than gasoline since it does not release harmful gases. It is also a lot cheaper than gasoline as well. Biomass can also be used to create methane gas, which can be turned into fuel for cars as well.

Geothermal energy is heat which comes from the core of the earth. The core of the earth is very hot and it can be used to heat water and create electricity. Also, geothermal energy can be used to heat houses and hot springs as well.

The earth's core is very hot, and it is renewable since it will always maintain a very high temperature, even hotter than the sun. Geothermal energy can be used always since it is always there, and all we need to do to utilize it. A lot of people use geothermal energy to heat their hopes and create electricity by digging in the ground and allowing the steam to turn turbines to create electricity.

The problem with geothermal energy is that it is only available in certain parts in the world. Some parts of the earth cannot make use of geothermal energy. Biomass, on the other hand, is available to every part of the earth as there are crops everywhere. Biomass can be made from any crop that grows in the country, so it is available to everyone.

Both biomass and geothermal energy are important kinds of renewable energy. If we use these kinds of renewable energy, then we can start to save the earth.