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New Power With Biomass Solar Energy

Everyone is concerned these days regarding taking care of the planet. Conserving energy, protecting natural habitat, limiting harmful emissions going into the air and many other things. An important concept now emerging is Biomass Solar Energy. This is a natural product, is inexpensive, requires no special treatment and produces a tremendous resource of energy which can be applied in many different areas for the benefit of earth's inhabitants.

Anyone who has studied about energy knows that solar energy comes from the sun. As it hits the earth this energy is stored in the plants and other vegetation. When these plants die and decay the energy goes back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Living plants, such as trees and growing crops produce this organic matter called Biomass. This can be demonstrated by burning wood, which produces heat. This wood is releasing the energy it received from the sun and combined with its carbohydrates by means of photosynthesis.

Because the development of this energy, in the plants, comes from the solar system, when it is used, as in a fire, there is no damage to the atmosphere by carbon dioxide emissions so it does not affect climate change. It does, so to speak, return to where it came from. This is in direct contrast to the fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas that are in use today and whose emissions are harmful to the atmosphere.

The beauty of Biomass is that it is more or less like a circle. It comes from the solar power and returns to the solar power when it is used. This provides a never-ending energy for the earth's needs while, at the same time doing no harm. Those who need it are just now realizing the power of this source of energy. Things such as running equipment, providing water control and many other things are expected to convert to this energy source. The entire world is now recognizing its possibilities.

Forests, plants and growing things are in abundance on the planet. With Biomass, which is the organic matter in living plants, there is an unending source of energy. This energy can and is being converted into practical uses in the United States and all over the world. In time fossil fuels will be gone. They are the result of hundreds of years of natural earth processing. They cannot be renewed and something must take their place.

This energy produced eleven percent of electricity in the United States last year. Its use is also demonstrated in the burning of wood chips, pellets and firewood. Wood waste, such as trimmings and bark is used by industries to produce energy to run their machines and for other purposes.

At the present time, more recognition is being received by this natural energy. It is being viewed as being able to supply the method needed to provide power without being harmful to the surroundings and the atmosphere. Biomass Solar Energy is expected to replace fossil fuels as time goes on.