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New Fuel Biomass Renewable Energy Source

The appearance of a new source of energy has created quite an excitement throughout the world. Although this source has been in existence for years its importance has just now been recognized. It's the Biomass Renewable Energy Source.

This is an excellent source of energy as it appears in natural products which are prevalent everywhere. It is in the trees, the plants, municipal waste, agriculture products and manure from animals who consume these products, to name a few. It provides energy from within so nothing needs to be added.

The plants receive their energy from the sun. This solar energy is combined with carbon dioxide and a complex mixture of other organic materials to form photosynthesis. When this is all combined it forms the natural energy. When one of these products is burned it forms the power needed to take whatever action is necessary.

Source of this energy is demonstrated when one burns pellets, firewood, wood chips or similar products. The heat given off displays this energy. With many industrial plants, things such as wood wastes, bark, and others are used to produce the power needed to run their equipment. The limitations encountered so far is the difficulty in handling and moving. Avenues are now being explored to convert solid biomasses into liquid and gaseous fuels. This is being done by fermentation and gasification.

Those in the know look forward to having this energy source take over a great deal of the work, in the future years, that now requires oil, coal or gas. These fossil fuels are gradually disappearing from the earth and it's only a matter of time until they are completely gone. This means that something has to be on hand to take their place.

With the solar power of the sun needed, for the energy process to take place in the natural products, it's fitting that when they are used their vapors return to that area. This creates a never ending cycle of renewable energy which will go on as long as there is natural growth and the sun is shining. With this energy source, there is no worry that it will become scarce.

For many years, man has been trying to find an inexpensive and viable product to produce energy. How ironic that only in the past few years has someone thought to look at the very things that are commonplace to find an answer. They have thought of using solar power and have adapted it with their solar panels and other things but it took quite awhile to bring the growing things of the planet into the equation.

Biologists expected that, within a very short period of time, the Biomass Renewable Energy Source will move to the number one place in providing energy to replace the costly sources that is in use at this time. This energy is not only less expensive but is readily available for use. It is clean and anyone can use it without fear of doing some damage to the atmosphere.