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Farmers Contribution To Biomass Production

Biomass is the word on everyone's lips who is concerned about the depletion of the world supply of fossil fuels. In a sense it's harnessing the sun which has been partially done previously with the installation of solar panels, heaters and other products. With the discover of the wonderful benefits of Biomass there came about the problem of producing enough product to process. In other words Biomass Production.

Since Biomass is contained in living plants and vegetation then one must go to the people experienced in this area to see about increasing the production. There are a number of ideas in the works to bring this about. With farmers using corn energy crops to produce almost four billion gallons of ethanol a year that is a good place to start.

Farmers are expected to be encouraged to plant energy crops in large amounts. Switchgrass has been found to be excellent as a biofuel and, since it is a native plant and requires little to encourage growth it can be planted in areas that do not grow other crops very well. It's also excellent to prevent erosion and runoff.

At the present time research is being done on fast-growing, cost-efficient trees as well as alfalfa and other such crops. Cottonwoods have been found to be excellent as they grow very fast and can be harvested and re-planted quickly. Corn is an especially high energy producing crop.

The United States has a large supply of timber, especially in the North West Area. When these trees are harvested they, by law, are immediately re-planted. Within a few years the forest is full of tress again. Tree farms are being encouraged and many small acreages are planting them.

Municipal Waste has been developed in the past few years as a source of Ethanol. The public, in most cities, is required to separate their papers and other such products in a separate container for collection. This, in turn, is sorted and the appropriate items used to make Ethanol gas.

It's expected, as Biomass becomes the mainstay of energy production, that farmers will be encouraged to develop agricultural crops for this specific purpose. This will enable them to have a profitable crop will assisting in producing low cost, efficient energy. For many years those in the agricultural business have complained because their profit between planting and delivering to a store is so little. By planting crops for the specific purpose of producing Biomass, which will go directly to a plant, they will be able to make a good profit.

Today, in the United States, it is estimated that several thousands of crop left overs go unused. If this could be turned into energy it would supply a huge amount of electrical power at a very inexpensive cost. Using Biomass Production to produce energy can revolutionize the world as it is known today. Inexpensive electricity and automobile fuel would free millions of dollars that could be used to purchase goods and create jobs. This is the face of the future.