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Following The Energy Trail With Biomass History

Biomass history covers the entire life of our planet. Its natural organic products have been in evidence since that time and are what formed the coal and oil that is in use today. The use of biomass as an energy source began when the cave man first discovered fire. He used wood and other organic products to heat his cave and cook his food. However, it did not receive the name it has today until the 1970's.

While fossil fuels are actually made up of organic materials they are not considered biomass, as they are composed of rotted down materials that contain ancient carbon. When these fuels are burned, they release emissions that are harmful to the atmosphere. In addition, they are generally becoming deleted and quite expensive. This is the reason using natural solar energy products has become so attractive.

It was in the 1970's that scientists actually became seriously interested in the possibility of replacing fossil fuels with a more reliable and less expensive product. There is a record of a man who, in that period of time, actually ran his car on what he called 'degasification'. Apparently there was no problem with the engine.

Around 1975 the actual name 'biomass' came into being and the idea took off like wildfire. With the cost of imported oil and the problems of mining coal, which we still have today, the fact that there was the possibility of using natural materials, that were abundant, to produce energy caught everyone's eye. Today, one will find many theories as well as actual records of the progress of this energy source.

In the 1980's the Office of Technology Assessment estimated that, more than one fourth of the United States energy needs could be fulfilled using this resource. Unfortunately, this has not happened and will not happen as long as people keep using fossil fuels. Currently it is only filling about three percent of the country's needs. It is felt that it is only when these fuels are completely deleted that the use of biomass will come to the fore.

In the 2000's the United States government developed a program to use biomass by the co-firing method. This is a method involves combining biomass with some other product such as coal. This program was not very successful, however the idea has been revived and a great deal of money is being spent, at the current time, to make this program more usable.

Experiments have been made regarding growing crops especially for producing electricity or some other forms of energy needed to keep things that need this resource to keep operating. Currently, scientists and engineers are trying to develop methods of using this fuel in a cost-effective manner.

Currently the World is involved in trying to change the source of energy from fossil fuels. At a European Unity Treaty Conference, some countries, such as Poland, were ordered to reduce their emissions from fossil fuels and adapt the use of biomass. It is reported that they have made some progress by the use of co-firing and have managed to obtain a partial reduction of emissions at this time.