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The World Is Involved In Biomass Energy

The entire world is now involved in the production of Biomass Energy. Being able to take products that grow naturally in the environment and turn them into an energy to supply the needs of the industrial world is exciting. Biomass is the nomenclature for organic materials such as plants, wood, municipal waste and other products that have received solar energy from the sun.

The sun was recognized as a power source from the very beginning. Some ancient civilizations even worshiped it. Without this energy source everything on the planet would die. It was in 1901 that the first patent was recorded regarding a machine to capture its power.

In 1904 Albert Einstein wrote about the potential of electricity from sunlight and in 1913 a patent was given for a solar cell. In 1916 was the first time a person was able to produce electricity using the sun's rays. It wasn't until the 1950's that NASA became involved with using a solar energy platform in connection with spacecraft once they were in orbit.

Although connecting organic growth with the sun's energy had been discussed for years, it was not until the 1970's that much interest was shown outside of scientific circles. In 2000 the government became interested in the production of energy using biomass but it was not very fruitful. It was not until the world started being concerned about damage to the atmosphere from fossil fuel emissions that the idea of using this kind of energy became popular.

The solar energy found in plants and transferring it into the earth population's needs has been a lifetime study of some scientists. Today it has the attention of the world. Worldwide conferences have and are being held and awards given. At the current time there have been 90 nominations, representing all continents for a World Bioenergy Award 2010.

Seven individuals from different countries have been nominated to receive this award. They all made contributions to the development of bioenergy in many different areas. The countries and their work with biomass energy are interesting and show that work is being pursued everywhere to take advantage of this replacement of fossil fuels.

Brazil presented a research on short rotation eucalyptus, utilizing high density technologies; Finland reported moving the country from total dependency on fossil fuels in 1970 to currently using biomass for over 1/4 of energy utilization; India the establishment of a research laboratory for biogas production from cattle waste. New Zealand worked on bioenergy research and pioneered bioenergy on a worldwide scale; USA worked with an African project using liquid biofuel stoves; Sweden is developing a biogas industry; Canada developed transporting wood pellets to Europe for use as biofuel.

Every day a new idea is being presented to capture the solar energy present in natural resources and turn them into daily use by mankind. These resources are not only renewable but are in one form or another over the entire planet. There is now a serious involvement in Biomass Energy development and the prospect of eventually using this source for all the world's needs seems to be a very good possibility.