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Biomass Corn Is The Start Of Renewable Energy

The ways that you can heat your home are improving and becoming more affordable because of corn. While this may sound surprising, corn is fast becoming popular as an efficient and clean fuel source. What do you need to know about Biomass Corn and how can you use it for heating your home?

If you are thinking of using corn as a fuel source, you need to know a bit about where to start. There are many sources of information online that will help you in learning more about the way that corn can be used as a fuel. There may a lot of information that you need to know about that will help you in making the best choices for suppliers.

You are going to also need to know what kind of heating system would be the best for your home that uses corn. You might prefer to have a furnace type system with an automatic loader for the corn pellets. You may also choose an insert for your fireplace. These are similar to the kind of inserts that burn wood and are attractive to look at.

One great thing about using corn as a fuel to heat your home with is that you can grow it yourself. This is a workable concept for many people that are worried over the recession and at how the prices of every kind of product is rising, including oils and gas. The best part is that corn is a renewable energy source that just about anyone can grow.

You can purchase a stove for burning corn pellets that have catalytic combusters that are EPA approved. This simply means that these stoves are friendly to the environment and do not have exhaust fumes that are harmful. These newer model stoves burn clean and will save the homeowner a small fortune in heating costs.

You can count on having an average of around 7000 BTU per pound of corn. It is a little less than wood because of the slight moisture content that is in dried corn. This is comparable to other kinds of heating sources like wood, oil, and coal.

You can take care of a corn burning stove in many ways the same as you would a wood burning stove. You will have ash traps to make sure you keep emptied and you will have to place the indoor type stove on a fire resistant flooring, like brick or slate. You may even choose to have cleaning contract made when you buy your stove, many dealers will offer professional cleanings for a certain amount of time and on a regular schedule.

The earth's resources are dwindling and because of this fact, many researchers are working hard to find the most efficient, renewable, clean, and cheap source possible for fuel. Corn certainly fits the bill and may be the way everyone heats their homes before long. Make sure that you learn all you can about Biomass Corn and how you can use it to save you a lot of money and help save the environment at the same time.