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Heating The Home With Biomass Combustion

Biomass Combustion or the burning of biomass has been going on for years. When one thinks of all the forests in the Amazon and other parts of the world that have been cut down and used for fuel, then one realizes that it is not a new phenomenon. It is only with the worry concerning fossil fuels that the idea of using Biomass to produce fuels for everyday use, beyond common wood burning, has become such an important issue.

There have been arguments that indoor Biomass combustion has lead to acute respiratory infections in less-developed countries. However, nothing has been found to back up that conclusion regarding fireplace and other types of burning Biomass in the United States. This may be attributed to the fact that the people in other countries were burning wood cooking stoves in an enclosed area.

For many years, Americans used wood stoves. It was the only source they had of being able to cook their food. They did not call the product they were burning Biomass, they simply called it wood. They knew that it would produce the heat necessary to cook as well as heat their home. At one time, when automobiles were in the experimental stage, it was even considered as a fuel to enable the car to operate.

Railroad engines operated with wood boilers for many years, prior to being converted to coal and later to what they are today. It was found to be very efficient to keep the wheels turning and get people from one place to another. People using this wood did not connect the energy received as being connected to the solar system working with the wood.

With Biomass, which is produced by a combination with natural plant growth and the solar rays, one has a product that will produce heat and energy when combusted. As a result it is being used in many places where this result is needed. There is no world country that one will not see a wood stove being used. If not inside the house then on the patio or other outdoor area.

As a fuel and as an energy source it's renewable, is available and is not expensive. The expense is converting it into a usable form. Burning Biomass produces heat and energy. Households, businesses and industry use it for this purpose.

The conversion of Biomass to liquid, to automobile fuel and other uses has been the development of scientists' dreams. It has been like opening a Pandora box of possibilities and each day finds a new idea being tested. It's believed that not too far down the road everyone's home furnace will be using gas or electricity produced by Biomass.

Biomass Combustion has been practiced throughout the world since caveman days when they first discovered the wonder of fire. It is still used throughout the world for cooking, heating and other human needs. With the development of Etholine refineries and Methane conversions it's expected that combustion may eventually be done in a different manner.