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Having Power With Biomass Alternative Energy

For years people have worried about the decreasing amount of fossil fuels on the planet. These fuels, when they are gone, cannot be replaced. As a result several different alternatives have been approached. One of these, which are proving very encouraging, is Biomass Alternative Energy.

This is a natural product and does not harm the environment when used. At the present time it is used in many countries of the world and has benefited many people. The United States is using this to produce electricity and many companies are using it to produce energy to operate some of their machinery.

Biomass is produced by absorbing solar rays from the sun and, by photosynthesis, combines it with carbon dioxide to produce solar energy. It's found in all kinds or organic products such as trees, plants and other natural growth. It's also found in such things as manure from cattle, hogs and poultry as well as agricultural crops. When animals consume the Biomass it is passed on by way of their waste.

This is a natural energy, which can be harnessed to produce a tremendous amount of power. It's already being used for electricity and many other things. A good example of this is in the use of wood pellets, firewood, wood waste, bark and other natural products in the home as well as in many industries. It is a material that does not go directly into consumer foods or products but is used for fuel, power and heat.

For many years, people have used this energy without actually realizing that they were using a combination of the sun and natural growth. Only in the past few years has it been labeled Biomass and that the amount of energy possible has been recognized. This is being recognized, more and more, by those who are concerned with the depletion of the earth's resources as the answer to the problem.

The use of Biomass as an alternative energy has already been put to use in many places throughout the world. As fossil fuels gradually disappear it will be the power source that takes their place. The millions of years it has taken to form those fuels and the way they are being consumed it will not be long until they are no more. The beauty of this fuel is that it re-cycles itself. As it is burned the solar energy within its mass returns to the atmosphere. The result is then sent back to the earth with new solar rays and the process begins again.

Municipal wastes are just now coming to the fore as a source of Biomass. For many years this waste has simply been buried in the ground. Now, via re-cycling, it has been possible to pull usable materials to create this energy. Ethanol and methane are two products that are produced from this waste.

When Biomass is burned, it does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, this is considered neutral carbon dioxide and will not affect climate change. Biomass Alternative Energy is definitely a step into the future, both as a continuous source of energy but one that will not cause harm to the environment.